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FIM tiny ponies by RevRuby FIM tiny ponies by RevRuby

these are hand sculpted by myself. what started as some left over sculpt needing to be used turned into a project that i've truly enjoyed. these were all hand sculpted over a period of 3 sessions, and then carefully painted and sealed with acrylics. in all about 20-25 hours of work for tiny ponies that are smaller than blind bag ponies! additional pictures can be asked for, and seen in my deviant art scrapbook.

i love FIM, but have been collecting ponies for 30 years. that this amazing new show truly inspires i am happy to present this set for sale. i'm not currently taking commissions for tiny ponies and have no plans to remake this set. indeed i prefer to never copy my own work, so don't ask. these are exclusives and each one is signed.

THESE ARE FOR DISPLAY ONLY! none of my artwork has been approved for play unless it is commissioned for a child. these are small enough to choke a child, and are not meant to be played with in any way. they are durable and will stand up to being arranged and rearranged for years to come.

serious bidders only, please. i do ship international and will gladly refund any shipping overcharge. i already have a box for them so that is not figured in cost (i recycle!)
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June 9, 2012
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